Friday, May 22, 2009


Reflection of the surroundings on the pond water...

I have always been hugely attracted to the ponds in my paternal home in Orissa.
Summer reminds me of them immensely.
As a kid,my entire battalion of cousins would march to the pond under my grandfather's supervision.I remember playing in the water for hours,trying to catch hold of the tiny fishes,trying to swim.
The best part was when we found a old trunk of a banana tree.All the kids got hold of it and we swam all around the pond.
These ponds are major sources of income through fish breeding.Nearly every household boasts of one.

But for me they are still a place where I can stare into nothing for hours and feel refreshed.

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The Ketchup Girl said...

how familiar these pictures look! u brought tears ok? :( Where in orissa?